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Educator Juvenile Firesetting Resources

As a teacher and educator, you play an important role in your students’ safety and emotional wellbeing. In many cases, you are on the “front line” and not only know the behavior of each student, but are responsible for recognizing warning signs of distress. We’ve developed a segment of the Florida Juvenile Firesetters resource website to address your concerns and how you can play a role in preventing firesetting behavior.

Our goal is to provide you with the basic facts that you need to make an assessment of your students, and what actions need to be taken. We have also included resources on fire safety to help you educate students and prevent firesetting behaviors.

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General Facts about Juvenile Firesetting

Florida Juvenile Fire Safety

Middle School Curriculum


"Fire Safety Begins with ME"

The Florida Association of Fire and Life Safety Educators and the Florida Fire Marshals and Inspectors Association have created a new curriculum for Florida Juvenile Fire Safety. The program entitled “Fire Safety Begins with ME” is targeted to middle schools and includes lesson plans and valuable supplemental materials. The program is segmented into a curriculum program with supplemental materials for the three lesson concepts:

Florida Juvenile Fire Safety Middle School Curriculum Program

  1. Fire Science Concepts – Materials – "Breaking it Down"
  2. Fire Safety Highlights – Materials – "Safety Begins with ME"
  3. Legal and Social Issues – Materials – "Fire is Dire"

Program Certificate – Printable

Program Certificate - Editable


Florida educators' resources to help prevent juvenile arson

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